Nov 2017 - Present

Fulfilling the technology director role for nomidman platform, with a decent comprehension of major programming and mark-up languages, has enabled me to work very closely with front or back-end senior developers and UX/UI team. 

Key responsibilities | achievements

·        Initial R&D to produce high fidelity prototype, leading to create an MVP by senior software developers

·        Comprehension of director’s requirements, design and implement the initial software architect, choosing technology slack and conveying ideas to software development team

·        Manage company’s domains, hosting, SSLs and related component together with deployment of various applications on cloud servers

·        Conduct code review and plan security audits via third party companies

·        Manage technical risk and analyse application vulnerabilities with cyber security consultant to prevent possible threats and imminent attacks, create reports and follow frameworks such as ISO 27001, accomplishing best cyber security practices

·        Define and implement development standards according to best coding practices and methodologies to build an agile culture

·        Write software API documentation and core of white paper

·        Identifying technical roles and recruit accordingly

·        Taking responsibility for team performance, ensuring deliverable are contented ahead of every mile stone

·        Create white and black box testing plan

·        Development of landing page and oversee company’s budget for any IT related expenditure

·        Routine maintenance on variety of company web applications and IT infrastructure

·        Attending various blockchain conferences and exhibitions globally to make sure nomidman’s technology, fully serves its business strategy

PC Doctor London


April 2000 - Present

PC Doctor is your one stop shop who provides variety of IT specialists services, from issues with any personal computer or smart phones, whether it is operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux) based corruption or malfunctioning hardware, down to component level repairs, to IT support and cyber security Consultancy for small businesses and domestic users in recent year.

Key responsibilities | achievements

·        Managing contactors and making sure every client is satisfied subsequently

·        Attending support call-outs when necessary covering other engineers

·        Remote support sessions from office

·        Most of client facing visits, including initial requirements gathering and technical sales consultation

·        Web development with variety of tools and languages

·        Creating awareness about cyber security vulnerabilities which could lead to inevitable threats among every client and enforcing a cyber-safe security culture


·        Built and repaired over 5000 devices across London, south west and Dubai


Sep 2019 - present

Currently undergoing an intensive course, to furthermore broaden my cyber security knowledge, which has always been an immense space of interest for me. Studying online, rather than the conventional method of university attending for this Master of Science equivalent course, in addition to, gaining industry standard certi   cations, is a great method to enter the cyber security world.

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501

ompTIA Security+ certi   cation covers network security, compliance and operation security, threats and vulnerabilities as well as application, data and host security. The Security+ certi   cation will prove that you have the skills to secure a network and deter hackers.

CompTIA PenTest+

CompTIA PenTest+ is the only penetration testing exam taken at a Pearson VUE testing center with both hands-on, performance-based and multiple-choice questions. This helps to ensure each candidate possesses the skills, knowledge, and ability to perform tasks on systems.

EC Council CEH

The CEH is recognised globally as the most advanced certi   ed ethical hacking course in the market. The course covers attack technologies, commonly used by hackers and teaches you exactly how to act in    ghting back on these attacks. By passing this exam and gaining this certi   cation you prove you’re skilled in understanding how to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems. It shows you’ve got the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker, but you can use them in a lawful and legitimate manner.

Sep 2014 - May 2018

The focus of this Course was the research, design, development and experimentation of ideas in the digital world and their creative and technical application within the creative computing industry. Developing own portfolio of work in software/hardware development, web, games, mobile, usability and other creative industries.

The skills developed on this course are inherently cross disciplinary – combining the characteristics and aptitude of a designer to conceptualise and innovate and the technical skills of a programmer to develop prototypes and applications, developing a unique skill set to collaborate across a broad spectrum within computing industry.

Year 1 covered basic learning and academic study skills, mathematics, and software development and technology. Year 2 focused on the basics of coding, digital, visual and communication tools and skills, user centred design and developing a digital identity; Year 3 covered more specialised concepts of games design, simulations and virtual worlds, rich internet applications, mobile application development, collaborative process design and emerging interactions.

In Year 4, social, ethical and privacy issues were covered together with responsible computing, computer security, artificial intelligence and the full- year Project Module which allowed to design implement and showcase a prototype idea of a decentralised P2P trading application based on Ethereum Blockchain, getting to research and develop a Dapp, enabling users to trade their goods and services with one another without a need of any intermediary using smart contract functionalities of blockchain ecosystem.